Professional Audio Circuit for Greatly maximized Performance

A unique maximum wave purity circuit can greatly enhance the reduction of the sound source and improve the overall performance. It lessens energy consumption without losing sound and volume. Its good audio circuit design supplemented by good materials maximize the restoration of the speaker.

40W Amp with Excellent Sound

The 8-inch woofer has responsive sensitivity and dynamics and also the utmost portability. And for improving the acoustic guitar sound, a 1.8-inch tweeter is added. It has titanium film diaphragm, which beat any other types, bringing outstand 40KHz frequency response.

    • Product Dimension:

      31*29*21 CM

    • Net weight:

       7 KG

    • Speaker:

      8-inch woofer, 2-inch tweeter

    • Output Wattage:

      40 Watts

    • Frequency response range

      50-20 KHz

    • Interface:

      Two 1/4" audio interfaces, Two 1/4" microphone interface

    • Voltage:


    • Rechargeable:

      Lithium batteries inside can run 6-8 hour

    • Function:

      Bluetooth, USB input and Record

    • Package Included:

      1*BP-40 Amp, 1*Product Manual

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