If You Are a Busker, Get This !

COOLMUSIC BP-60D is a versatile acoustic guitar amplifier. it has rechargeable lithium batteries inside, it can run to 6-8 hours for busking after full charged. 2 instruments input and 2 microphone plugins mean there's much less equipment to carry. and it built in bluetooth and USB input can play background music. it added record functions, you can record what you played.

Delivers Full and Natural Tone and Overall Performance

This is a wonderful, portable amplifier for instruments and vocals, Two of 8" woofer and two of 2" tweeter delivers full and natural tone for acoustic instruments and microphones. It is well constructed with durable materials, and well engineered for high quality audio.

    • Product Dimension:

      46.5*35*34 CM

    • Speaker:

      Two 8-inch woofer, two 2-inch tweeter

    • Output Wattage:

      120 Watts

    • Frequency response range

      50-16 KHz

    • Interface:

      Two 1/4" instrument inputs, Two microphone interfaces (+48V Mic), DI output port, Headphone output

    • Voltage:


    • Rechargeable:

      Lithium batteries inside can run 6-8 hour

    • Function:

      Bluetooth, USB input and Record

    • Package Included:

      1*BP-60D Amp, 1*Product Manual

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